How To Boil Crawfish

Have you ever tried boiled crawfish? Learn how to boil crawfish so that you can enjoy this tasty dish in your own home!

There are numerous ways to enjoy your crawfish but one famous way of cooking it in Louisiana is by boiling it. It is one festive dish and the best way to enjoy it would be outdoors with your closest friends and family. Here is how you can boil your crawfish, assuming you have a thirty pound batch.

Before we get into the procedure on how to boil your crawfish, you must first prepare the dishes that you would need. Have a boiling pot and a large paddle ready for stirring the crawfish. Others use high-pressure cookers as well.

Guide to Boiling Crawfish

To begin, you must separate your crawfish into equal batches. Keep in mind that it is best to keep the batches in the same size relation so that you can also stick to the preferred water ratio. Wash the first batch about as many times needed depending on how dirty your crawfish are. Place the crawfish in a container with water enough to cover all them. After washing the crawfish, drain the water and repeat the process until your crawfish are clean enough to be cooked. A good indication of this is when the water is clear. The next step after washing them would be to strain them and you can actually use the sack they were originally in as a strainer. Just make sure that you have also cleaned the sack.

You may now put the first batch in the boil basket and place the basket in the pot with water just enough to cover the crawfish. When you have already added the water, you may then remove the boil basket with crawfish in it and put back the crawfish in the bin that you used to wash them. Now you can bring your water to a boil. Roughly, it would take about 30 minutes to an hour if you are boiling your water for the first time. Once the water starts boiling, put the empty boil basket back into the pot and you may start adding your spices. Add salt, crab boil, and cayenne pepper. Be sure to squeeze some lemon into your boiling water and dump the lemon halves used in the pot. When the water starts to get into a rolling boil again, it is time to add the potatoes in the pot. Should you wish to boil onions too, now would also be the best time to do it. Remember that larger potatoes would definitely take longer to cook than the smaller ones.
About this time, you can now purge your crawfish and you can do this by filling up the bin with enough water to submerge the crawfish and then put at least a box of salt into that water to clean out the digestive tract of your crawfish. Let it is set for about 3-5 minutes and then rinse the crawfish.

If the potatoes are already cooked, remove the boil basket from the pot and place the crawfish in it. You may also add your other ingredients at this point. After stirring, put the cover back and bring the water to a rolling boil once again. When it boils, you now turn of the fire and stir once again. This would be the best time to place your corn in the pot if you wish to serve it with your crawfish. Let everything sit for about 15 minutes so that the crawfish will be sure to absorb all the spices. After 14 minutes or so, you may then lift your boil basket, drain it and serve. Repeat the process for your other batches.