Raising Crawfish

What does it really take to raise a crawfish? Just like anything you decide to work on, you must first know that it takes a lot of work and patience to be able to get the results you want in the end.

There are different kinds of ways and approaches in raising a crawfish. Here are some tips you can look into that could start or even develop your production.


Tips for Growing Crawfish

Keeping Crawfish in an Aquarium

Should you decide to raise it in an aquarium, then you must first prepare a freshwater aquarium. It would be best if you already have done your research on how they survive in ponds or in the wild so you can imitate the living conditions of their natural habitat in the closest possible way. Crawfish love privacy and they are territorial so you must not put other species or kinds of fish in the aquarium. Rocks and other fixtures such as plants and gravel inside the aquarium are highly recommended but be careful that you do not place these fixtures beside the edges of the tank as crawfish might climb on them and they could get out.

If you plan on putting more than one crawfish in the aquarium, make sure that there is plenty of space for them. It would be best if you place separate hiding places for your crawfish if you are planning on raising more than just one. As mentioned above, crawfish are very private. Aside from fixtures, you should also have a filter and an aerator to ensure that your tank is always clean and has the right PH level. But not only does the success of raising a crawfish rely on the correct water balance and the living conditions within the aquarium, it also depends on how you would choose your first crawfish to raise.

Raising Crawfish in Ponds

On the other hand, if you decide to raise your crawfish in a pond, an 18-inch deep pond is advisable because crawfish survive better in shallow water. Just like putting decorations in the aquarium, planting aquatic plants in the pond is also a must. Crawfish will use this as feeds and could also possibly be their hiding place. However, deciding on where to build your pond and how exactly to go about it is a crucial phase in raising crawfish. An area where you could easily flood and drain would be the best place to construct your pond. Bear in mind that clay loams are also essential as they are a big support in crawfish burrows. Make sure that you have suitable water supply and remember that raising crawfish is all about how you control the water level and PH level. There are times when you would have to flood the pond for your crawfish to grow and drain it so that your crawfish could go into their burrows and reproduce.

An in-depth research is always best for you to learn all that there is to know whichever way you choose to raise your crawfish.